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The kitchen of our 3-star hotel at Plan de Corones

Kitchen chef Roland Engl – who is also the owner of our 3-star hotel at Plan de Corones – greatly values a natural cuisine. Hence, he prefers local ingredients of the season, which are freshly prepared every day. These are all he needs to pamper you with delicious, traditional dishes. Thanks to his vast experience, flavour enhancers are a real “No-Go!” in his kitchen! With love and creativity, he manages to create amazing and diverse dishes you will dearly enjoy.

The kitchen of our 3-star hotel at Plan de Corones

BBQ Night in the 3-star hotel in Plan de Corones

A BBQ night starting with a spectacular sunset is a truly amazing experience. The team of our Nature Hotel Edelweiss look forward to pamper you with a Theme & BBQ Night. These events take place in an unregularly basis.

Specialty week “s’ Terner Schmelzpfandl”

Specialty week At the Nature Hotel Edelweiss, during the speciality week “s’ Terner Schmelzpfandl”, every evening you may enjoy a tasty menu with hearty specialities from South Tyrol!

For further information, please visit the event website.

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